The End of Christian Britain?

The End of Christian Britain?

[Following the Report of the Commission on Religion and Belief in Public Life]


The Commission on Religion and Belief

May cause our Church leaders so much grief

As it’s now claimed half our adult population

Are non-religious in this once pious nation


This Commission of illustrious grandees

Are unlikely the church’s clerics to much please

As ecclesiastical power they endeavour to diminish

And ancient privilege they certainly would finish


The influence of Bishops in the Lords

Is one thing they really do abhor

Being centre stage in national events

Another honour they’re determined to prevent


These reformers would cast their nets far and wide

And old traditions from them will not hide

Faith schools and religious education

Also seem to cause them great vexation


But it is claimed they do have positive views

Knowing faith issues feature highly in the news

Recognising what our people are today

Owes much to the Church’s loving sway



Ken Fisher




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