This poem was posted at the same time last year.
We hope that this year we might still remain
optimistic about the future

Today’s a time for remembering
Thinking back to those dark days of war
When life was uncertain for all
And for some, death was an imminent prospect

But few living today have much memory
Of the years of conflict when hostilities raged
And although warfare still encircles the world
Our experience of it is mediated by TV images

And yet we have an uncomfortable feeling
That despite efforts to unite the nations
There is a persistent climate of arm-wrestling
Between the great powers who eyeball each other

The Cold War brought with it the four-minute-warning
Not long to compose our minds for oblivion!
But presently, although we hope our future might stretch for decades,
We cannot quite eliminate the nagging uncertainty for our destiny

However, for today, we give thanks
For all those who bought our freedom
And pledge to strive to maintain
Such fragile peace as we possess

Ken Fisher

Candle Power

Candle Power



That flickering flame so vulnerable
Shines through the gloom impenetrable
Radiating heat and light
Defiant in the darkest night


What is light, intangible?
Scientists claim – both wave and particle
But surely more than either measure
Its gifts bring to us boundless treasure


The energy that is the light
Supreme in the sun that burns so bright
Provides our earth with power untold
This little candle does uphold


Ken Fisher

Bonfire Night [5th November]

Bonfire Night


Perhaps it’s simply my imagination
Guy Fawkes seems less important to our nation
In years gone by Bonfire Night was eagerly anticipated
But recently that enthusiasm seems somewhat dissipated


Perhaps modern politicians have rendered so much change
There’s nothing else they need to re-arrange
No vast explosions primed to us disturb
Or revolutions our calm minds perturb


But nonetheless it would be quite a shame
If no passions could yet set our hearts aflame
So let’s hope the fifth night of November
Will yet prove a party to remember


Ken Fisher




Twisted together in a confused mass

Somehow that’s how our lives have become

There is a beginning to life, and

without any doubt, there will be an end

But the course of our journey

although linear in time

rarely traces a straight path

from birth to grave


How come all those loops in the rope?

What caused these coils and snags

Knots have formed without our intervention

It seems that the threading occurred all by itself

We seem quite helpless to unravel the mass

But perhaps we are not meant for

the straight and narrow, and life would be dull indeed

without the warp and weft of constant change


Ken Fisher

Sunshine on the East Neuk (Fife)

Sunshine on the East Neuk


Nestling on the eastern edge of Scotland’s lesser Kingdom

With fertile field and bustling ports within its wide dominion

This gentle strand along the coast – Fife’s very own East Neuk

Deserves a visit from us all – why don’t you take a look?


For there we will discover stretched along the shores

Gems that shine so brightly, treasures in its store

From bustling ancient harbours still active in their trade

And bumpy cobbled streets on which shoppers promenade


The whole thing held together by meandering Coastal Path

In summer months a gentle stroll, in winter, waves show their wrath!

As we gaze across the firth’s wide seas we scan the Isle of May

From Anstruther the ‘Princess’ will take us for a day


The villages along the coast fill our minds with romance

Elie, St Monans, and Pittenweem, enough to make us dance

And Anstruther and Cellardyke the jewels of fife’s crown

Each and all together speak of this land’s renown

Ken Fisher

Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo [Out of Nothing]


It is a miracle beyond our reach or understanding

That all there is in this great wondrous world

The glories of earth and sea and all that live therein

The plants and every creature dominated by mankind

Began from nothing, only a vast and silent empty void

Can this be so when we reflect on the wonder of creation?

Its infinite variety from tiny insect to mighty behemoth

From oceans’ plankton through to basking whales

From tiny seed to lofty trees and golden harvests

And humankind with all its power and ingenuity

Of course Darwin traced the evolution ever onward

Of this great cavalcade of progress down the years

And now the notion of the Big Bang as prime mover

Provides for some the answer of how indeed all things began

But what was there before the Big Bang? I hear you ask

NOTHING, of course.  It all came from NOTHING


[Or could it be that GOD existed before time, and HE created  time?]

Desperate Dan

Desperate Dan


On a recent visit to bonny Dundee

Our hearts were filled again with glee

As we caught sight of Desperate Dan

The Dandy’s favourite comical man


On the high street he holds a place of honour

Like a war hero or an ancient martyr

But his deeds were not in the arena of war

But in the comic cartoons no-one could ignore


His diet would not be commended today

Cow pies are certainly now quite passe

And that stubbly chin these days might offend

Not what the barbers would now recommend


But Dan didn’t worry what others would think

Just like pals Dennis and Minnie the Minx

His main role in life was to bring us a smile

And let us forget all our woes for a while


So thanks to the town of Dundee and its press

Whose comic characters such humour express

Jam, Jute and Journalism were this city’s great trades

And thus Dan’s place of honour we all serenade


Ken Fisher