Brighter Prospects

Brighter Prospects


In this dark month of Janus, the herald of new beginnings

and transitions, we discern the prospect of better things

But presently, shrouded in cold and damp, we find little

To bring us cheer or even hope of change


The signs of spring still well concealed beneath,

Tiny shoots not yet daring to raise their spears

Above the sodden earth, under the skeletal trees

The ground a wasteland bereft of life or spirit



But if the earth’s faithful calendar remains true

Its progression round the sun will surely bring

A daily change to our allotted portion of the light

And daylight hours will steadily extend


Then doubtless spring will waken all of life

From deep winter’s restoring hibernation

Flora and fauna each in their respected realm

Stretch stems and limbs, escaping from the night


And in due time we pray the sun’s caressing rays

Will invigorate the whole created world

Thus brighter prospects fill our hearts with joy

Sustaining us amidst this winter gloom


Ken Fisher

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