Some might say it is the reward to the righteous

I wonder if sinners are always wakeful?

We sometimes long to find escape in sleep

And yet we may fear in sleep we lose our vigilance


Sleep apparently is a naturally recurring state

It certainly would seem odd if we never slept

Sleep is the opposite of wakefulness

It brings us a blessed relief from reacting to stimuli


 Thinking about sleep can bring great concern

Insomnia is viewed as a serious issue

Although hypersomnia might be even more alarming

Especially shown in excessive day-time sleep


 But all of this is a bit clinical, too narrow a view

The word sleep has other connotations

Not least as when it is used as a euphemism

For random intimate relations – as in sleeping around


 And what about the modern trend of kids

Who regularly bed down at their friends’ homes?

In an endless round of sleep-overs

Probably quite harmless – I believe!


Then there is the advice we are given

To sleep on it often ignored by the impetuous

Perhaps we might be able to resolve issues

By a nocturnal perambulation – a sleepwalk


We also will recall that apart from

The slightly naughty thought raised by

the term, sleeping partner is a perfectly

legal type of business organisation


And to complete this little tour round

Some of the uses of the word sleep

I must now put my computer into

Sleep mode – it deserves some relief!


Big Yawn!



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