Silent Collusion



[The Sea of Faith – as in Matthew Arnold’s “Dover Beach”
Regret expressed that belief in a supernatural
World is slipping away]

On professing their faith some are clearly convicted
They harbour no doubts, their trust unrestricted
Others of quite the opposing opinion
Find nothing real in belief’s wide dominion

But perhaps many more remain much less certain
Between them and trust there remains a thick curtain
Yet for them that may not mean that faith is illusion
Or their present stance is mere silent collusion

For unlike the zealot whose faith is rock sure
Or the atheist whose denial is just as secure
The honest seeker my not wish to declare
Of his present neutrality he is well aware

But why should the agnostic not maintain his silence
Is he not entitled to attend his own conscience?
Does his mute response amount to collusion
As he wrestles with faith be it truth or illusion?

I assert that in matters of creed and conviction
It may be too simple to make such prediction
The journey towards belief or departing therefrom
May best be served by remaining quite dumb

Silence, surely an honourable stance
Allowing thought and reason time to advance
Quietness does not mean one has no conviction
And it often can grant us its own benediction

Ken Fisher


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