Candid Camera

Candid Camera




They say the camera never lies
More true than even human eyes
It only records what hits the lens
Our face, or those of our friends

The button makes the shutter blink
Keep your eyes open – do not wink
And inside this strange black device
It makes an image most precise

I’m told it’s actually upside down
But that won’t make us smile or frown
Whatever hits the open shutter
Captured even if our eyes did flutter

Of course you will have realized
The camera shown has now evolved
From the basic model shown above
For many, a toy that we all loved

No matter how new models have advanced
Digital imaging much enhanced
Nevertheless it remains still true
That candid snap is truly you

But in this modern age there’s a handy prop
It comes in the guise of ‘photo shop’
So if we find our images show too much candour
We can magic them all with a touch of splendour!

Ken Fisher

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