29th February

29th February


The bonus day
Helps to keep the calendar
in tune with the earth’s rotation
round our star – the sun
Otherwise the clocks would get out of kilter
Sometimes also known as a leap day
In a leap year
those who were born on this day
can at least celebrate on the right date
Apparently the chances of having a Leap
Birthday are one in 1,461
About 4.1 million people
around the world were born on 29th February
and they are sometimes called leaplings

So here is a little rhyme for
those born on 29th February

When February contains full 29 Days
Those born on this date join together in praise
‘Cause only on years that are said to be leap
Can they know it’s their day as the wake up from sleep

We would not want to deprive them of joy on their day
Because of whatever the calendar may say
So if February contains a mere 28
I hope that their pleasure it will not frustrate

And for all of us whose birthdays are clear
Who enjoy the right date no matter the year
Spare a thought for the others who seem to miss out
Unless it’s a leap year when there is no doubt

Ken Fisher


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