A Row of Little Clothes Pegs

A Row of Little Clothes Pegs

[Let’s hope you don’t find this too risqué, perhaps it’s summer madness!]




A row of little clothes pegs hanging on the line
Firmly clinging to your pants and those boxer shorts of mine
It’s amazing how close these personal items get
As in the swirling wash they excitedly gyrate

A sure sign of our togetherness is readily displayed
As our smalls cling together when on the line they swayed
It’s just as well they’re all pegged on as otherwise they’d knot
As in frenzied abandon they surely would be caught

So the humble peg upon the line helps order to maintain
As the washing slowly dries, and our modesty regained
Thus our clean clothes again display a due regard of fashion
And some would say a bulwark against unbridled passion

Yes the pegs upon the washing line might be deemed symbolic
Of control restored again after some titillating frolic
But surely all these thoughts are really somewhat fanciful
And the purpose of the peg is not Freudian but practical!

Ken Fisher


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