Caution – You Are Approaching the End of the Conveyor!

Caution – You Are Approaching the End of the Conveyor!



The other day in the supermarket I received that verbal caution
Approaching the top of the conveyor belt you have to slow down the motion
It made me think about life itself as it takes us forever forward
Day follows day no matter what as time pushes ever onward

Most of the time on life’s conveyor belt we are happy enough to comply
‘Cause more often that not to those passing events we are pleased to wave goodbye
And as the progression of time moves only one way, as the calendar ticks off each day
We learn to accept whatever good fortune or bad we meet upon the way

But as the years pass by from hopeful youth to old age increasingly feeble
We might notice a trend to dolefulness, our life somewhat less gleeful
So what we must do is to accept what life brings in its time-bound conveyor
And acquire the wisdom to slow down enough and thus every moment savour

Ken Fisher

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