Get Over It!

Get Over It!

[Written on the day when the Presidential Election Result came through]




For some it will be welcome news
For others a bad attack of blues
For many it brings satisfaction
For others, a severe adverse reaction

But however now you may be feeling
A great result, or unappealing
With dear Donald we must cope
So don’t despair, don’t give up hope

Let’s pray that time will moderate
And reflection mitigate
Extreme threats made of drastic action
May be subject to redaction

Democracy has chosen its way
The nation’s voters had their say
So in the end we can’t complain
Of what will follow in its train

Trump will soon be President
A fact that some no doubt resent
But he has pledged greatness again
Which by his deeds he will sustain

So if we regard this as bad news
With all our liberal-minded views
Please don’t simply throw a fit
Just grit your teeth, Get Over It!

Ken Fisher

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