What are Utilties? You may well ask
Surely their name suggests they must be something useful
And indeed they are
We miss them dearly if they fail us

Utilities affect each of our lives as they are the means
By which we receive electricity and gas
And the vital services of water and sewerage
Imagine a world with no taps or flushes!

In economics, utility is a measure of preference
Between different sets of goods or services
Utility represents the degree of satisfaction
Experienced by the consumer in choosing that good

A public utility is an organisation that maintains
The infrastructure for a public service
But nowadays many of these public services are
Sold to us by huge private sector enterprises

Control of utilities is a matter of public concern
And throughout the world various Regulators
Try to control these mighty behemoths
That provide us warmth, and power to our computers

And of course, utilities can have a huge influence
On environmental issues, pollution and global warming
So utilities are not simply useful things
They are the framework supporting (and sometimes threatening) our modern life

So next time you flick a switch, or turn a knob, or access the web,
Or step into the shower, or snuggle up to the electric blanket
And instantly the service springs into life
Give thanks for the utilities and pray they never let you down!

Ken Fisher

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