Let There Be (More) Light

Let there be (more) light


In my upstairs office where poems come to fruition
There’s long been a need for illumination
So the old window’s replaced with a much larger pane
All held together in an elegant frame

Now my desk is flooded with light oh so bright
Reading no longer a strain on my sight
Perhaps this new brilliance my muse might inspire
With burning ideas set emotions afire

It’s amazing the affect light has on the soul
Achieved in my roof by extending that hole
Which provides the space for a much bigger frame
And might even yet new ideas inflame

Of course in these dark winter days it’s light that we lack
In spring and summer the sun’s rays might attack
And I will need the blinds to give some protection
To preserve my thought – perhaps my complexion!

In the meantime I rejoice in this welcoming space
Which provides such a warm and cosy workplace
And hope that the light will provoke some new thoughts
From which inspired verses might even be wrought!

Ken Fisher

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